DAPNet website translated in multiple languages

Since a couple of weeks the German website www.hampager.de┬áhas been made available in multiple languages: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Italian and Portuguese. Beside the translation it’s now also possible to access a lot of information regarding DAPNet without logging in.

Licensed amateurs can apply for a login by raising a ticket via the public part of the website. Logging in unfolds a lot of options of www.hampager.de. It’s possible to send messages to all users or users in a designated area. And the login credentials are also valid to be used with the special DAPNet mobile app (Android only). Furthermore sysops of DAPNet transmitters can adjust different account settings after logging in.

The website also contains different interesting topics like statistics, coverage maps and links to GitHub and the website of the radio amateurs of Aachen University (RWTH).

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