In the year 2014 in Southern Limburg two radio amateurs met coincidently in regard to the topic of POCSAG paging. During the last decennium of the previous century this has been a hot topic in nearby Germany, but in the Netherlands there wasn’t much attention for this. Nevertheless some lonely dutch radio amateurs have been experimenting with paging. From Germany ideas and hardware were imported to experiment on small, individual scale. Joker123 APK

And like so many small projects also the paging stuff disappeared again into closets, boxes and crates. But an advertisement on a website for second hand HAM gear brought two radio amateurs together, and soon old projects were revitalized. As so often ideas can catch dust but won’t disappear. The old equipment had survived the long time storage in a very good condition. First tests were encouraging which inspired for new plans for the old projects, using new hard- and software. Pussy888 Malaysia

Soon some other radio amateurs were mobilized to build up amateur paging in the Netherlands. The usage: without any limits. Think about automatic DX cluster alerts, satellite alerts, meteo data, skeds, etc. Live22 APK Xe88 APK Where to buy dnp uk