DAPNet extension in The Netherlands

As of today April 14th. 2018 a new DAPNet transmitter site has gone live in the central part of the country (province Utrecht).

Marc PE1PZU has ‘dusted off his POCSAG equipment’, as he called it himself. After some previous contact he found out about the cooperation with the german DAPNet. And because the requirements to go live with a DAPNet transmitter are rather minimal he could get the hard- and software up and running easily.

Via the website www.hampager.de Marc had raised a ticket which was swiftly picked up by the German colleagues who created an account for him.

HINT: to find out which transmitter is received you can enable RIC 0000008. This RIC is used by every transmitter to send the identification every 10 minutes. This makes it very easy to find out which transmitter is within range.

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